Melissa Kumaresan

A Day Away

What you can do in one day

A Day Away is a fictional TV show created for a University Final Project. The TV show follows the host (Gerald) who travels around the globe and for this episode he is in Malaysia, Kuala Kubu Bharu.

This project was a challenge as it was a combined assignment for two modules namely, Video Production and Multimedia Design. And having picked a small town to feature in our fictional TV show and channel, we had very limited location and activities to film. But we immediately fell for it's charm when we had a site recce in the pre-production stage of the project and decided to take on the challenge.

The project includes a complete TV channel (Takunda TV) and TV Show branding, along with public awareness commericals on the topics of "Love Scam" & "Spoofing".

See the full project presentation on Behance.

Check out the episode above

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